Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy coloured diamonds are diamonds that exhibit colours beyond the traditional scale of colourless to light yellow or brown. These diamonds come in a spectrum of hues, ranging from delicate pastels to deep, rich tones. Unlike colourless diamonds, fancy coloured diamonds derive their beauty from the presence of trace elements, natural radiation exposure, or structural anomalies during their formation.

The Fancy Colour Grading Scale

The fancy colour grading scale is more descriptive and includes a broader spectrum of colours. The scale considers three main factors: hue, tone, and saturation.

Hue: The primary colour or combination of colours present in the diamond. For example, red, green, blue, pink, etc.
Tone: The darkness or lightness of the colour. Tone is assessed on a scale from light to dark, with terms such as "light," "medium," and "dark" used to describe the overall appearance.
Saturation: The intensity or vividness of the colour. Saturation is evaluated on a scale from weak to intense, indicating the strength of the hue. Terms like "faint," "light," "medium," "strong," and "vivid" are commonly used.

The Fancy Colour Grading Scale is divided into several categories:

Fancy Light: Diamonds with a relatively light tone and low to medium saturation.
Fancy: Diamonds with a medium tone and moderate saturation.
Fancy Intense: Diamonds with a deeper tone and higher saturation, displaying a more pronounced and vibrant colour.
Fancy Vivid: Diamonds with the most intense and vivid colours, often considered the most desirable and valuable.

Within these categories, diamonds are further specified based on their hue. For example, a diamond might be graded as "Fancy Vivid Blue" or "Fancy Intense Pink." The specific hue, along with the tone and saturation, determines the overall colour grade of the diamond.

What colour fancy diamonds are there?

Blue: Ranging from light blue to deep, intense blue. Some famous blue diamonds include the Hope Diamond and the Blue Moon Diamond.
Pink: Spanning from faint pink to deep, vivid pink. Pink diamonds are known for their rarity and are highly sought after.
Red: Extremely rare, with colours ranging from purplish-red to orangey-red. Red diamonds are among the rarest and most valuable.
Green: From light green to intense green. Green diamonds often derive their colour from exposure to natural radiation during formation.
Yellow: Extending from light canary yellow to deep, intense yellow. Yellow diamonds are prized for their warm and sunny hues.
Orange: Ranging from light orange to deep, fiery hues. Orange diamonds exhibit a unique and vibrant brilliance.
Purple: From light lavender to deep purple. Purple diamonds are esteemed for their regal and unique charm.
Brown (Champagne and Cognac): Ranging from light brown to deep, rich cognac. Brown diamonds, often referred to as champagne or cognac diamond.
Violet: From light violet to deep, intense hues. Violet diamonds are relatively rare and can display a captivating play of colour.
Grey: Varying from light grey to deep, intense grey. Grey diamonds can have a unique and sophisticated appearance.
Black: Intensely dark and opaque. Black diamonds are often used for bold and dramatic jewellery designs.

It's essential for buyers to consider their personal preferences, budget, and long-term goals when choosing a fancy coloured diamond. Whether for sentimental reasons, investment potential, or a desire for a unique and beautiful gem, a fancy coloured diamond can be a meaningful and valuable addition to one's jewellery collection.