Cushion Cut Diamonds

Originating over 200 years ago, the cushion cut was once referred to as the "old mine cut." It has undergone various transformations, evolving from its antique form to the more refined and brilliant version we see today.

Key features of a cushion cut diamond include:

Shape and Appearance: The cushion cut is characterised by its rounded corners and square-to-rectangular shape, resembling a pillow—hence the name. This unique shape strikes a perfect balance between the classic round cut and the edgier princess cut, offering a soft yet sophisticated appearance.

Faceting and Brilliance: Traditional cushion cuts are known for their large facets, which enhance the diamond's depth and radiance. Modern cushion cuts often incorporate a "modified" facet pattern, increasing the stone's fire and brilliance. This results in a captivating dance of light, making cushion cut diamonds exceptionally sparkling.

Variations in Cut: Cushion cut diamonds come in various proportions, from square to elongated rectangles. The choice between a more square or rectangular shape is largely a matter of personal preference, though it can influence the diamond's overall appearance and brilliance.

Versatility in Design: This cut is incredibly versatile, fitting seamlessly into a variety of settings and styles. Whether set in a vintage-inspired halo design, a classic solitaire, or a modern bezel setting, cushion cut diamonds adapt beautifully to different styles, making them a popular choice for custom jewellery.

Choosing the Right Cushion Cut Diamond

When selecting a cushion cut diamond, consider the following factors:

  • Cut Quality: Look for a well-proportioned cut that maximizes brilliance. The quality of the cut greatly influences the diamond's sparkle.

  • Clarity and Colour: Due to their large facets, cushion cuts can sometimes highlight colour and inclusions more than other cuts. Choosing a higher clarity and colour grade may be preferable, depending on personal taste and budget.

  • Personal Style: Reflect on the wearer's style. A cushion cut diamond offers a timeless yet unique look, fitting for those who appreciate a mix of classic and contemporary aesthetics.

 Cushion Cut Guide


Cushion Cut Ratio

A perfectly square cushion cut typically has a ratio of 1.00 to 1.05, offering a classic, symmetrical look that is timelessly popular. In contrast, elongated cushion cuts, with ratios ranging from 1.10 to 1.30 or even higher, present a more rectangular silhouette, often favored for their unique elegance and the illusion of greater size they create on the finger. The choice between a square and an elongated cushion cut is largely a matter of personal preference, but it's essential to note that the ratio also influences the diamond's light performance. Square cushions tend to exhibit a balanced dispersion of light, often resulting in a subtle "chunky" sparkle reminiscent of antique diamonds, while elongated cushions might display a slightly different light pattern, with a more elongated scintillation that can make the diamond appear more radiant.

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